Where is your retail location?

2166 North Glebe, Arlington, VA 22207. We are located near the corner of Glebe and Lee Highway, just behind the Exxon. Look for the big “PIE” sign. Please park in the alley between the Exxon and the shop. You can also park on 21st Road.

Do you deliver locally?

Yes. We deliver to Arlington for a $10 fee and Falls Church, Alexandria and DC for a $25 fee. We sometimes deliver to other locations by special arrangement. Contact us at (571) 431-7727 for more details.

Do you ship?

No. We want you to have our pies when they are at their best. When we discover a way to economically ship the pies overnight for maximum freshness, we will start shipping. Until then, we encourage you to find a great local pie shop in your vicinity to satisfy your pie needs.


Can I pick up my pie?

Yes. Orders placed on our website by Tuesday can be picked up the following Friday or Saturday at our pie shop (2166 North Glebe, Arlington, VA 22207). At checkout, select the Friday or Saturday pickup option.


Do you do weddings?

Yes. For more information on pies available for weddings and other events, please visit our page re Weddings & Catering.


Do you make vegan pies?

Yes. A selection of our fruit pies can be made vegan by special request. However, we generally use white and brown sugar. If you are opposed to the use of white and brown sugar, then let us know and we may be able to use a different sweetener. There will be a small up charge for the specialty ingredients. Email heather@thepielife.com for more information.




Do your pies contain shortening or lard?

Yes on shortening. No on lard. Although 99% of our baking is done with butter, we do use a small amount of 100% Vegetable Trans-fat Free Shortening in our pie crust. If you are 100% opposed to shortening in any form, let us know and we can make your pie crust without it.



Do you make gluten-free pies?

Yes. We make some gluten-free pies by special request. Many of our fillings are naturally gluten-free. For our gluten-free pies, we substitute our regular crust with a delicious cookie crust made with gluten-free Jo-Jo’s or gluten-free S’morables. We make sure that all of our gluten-free products are certified according to industry standards and do our best to avoid cross-contamination. However, we do bake our pies in a shared commercial kitchen where foods containing gluten are also produced.



Do you accommodate special requests?

Yes! Most pies are made to order, so if you have a special dietary request or simply are seeking a pie like your Mom used to make, drop us a line.


How should I reheat the pie?

Many of our pies benefit from reheating. We recommend reheating in an oven, 325 degrees for 5-15 minutes (depending primarily on the size of the pie). Just watch your pie carefully to make sure that any garnish on the top (caramel, chocolate or crumb) doesn’t burn.

Most definitely the best pie I have ever had! – YELP

Paula L.

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Phone: 571-431-7727

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