Making Life Delicious

Southwest Quinoa Salad

Now that the forecast calls for mid-80s and it feels like unofficial Summer has arrived, I feel like I can finally make something with tomatoes. This easy, delicious and healthy Summer salad will make you feel positively pious and absolutely ready for Summer. To me,...

Jelly Bean Bark

Looking for something super easy and delicious to make for your child's Easter basket? Looking for an excuse to eat jelly beans and chocolate at the same time? Mmmmm. Jelly beans and chocolate. Adult reactions to this candy varied from "GET IN MY BELLY!" to "Gross"....

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Years ago, it was The Pioneer Woman who inspired me to start Making Life Delicious. I loved her photos and recipes, but most of all, I loved the easy way that she cooked. A dash of this, a pinch of that, a package of something else, these were often her measurements....

Happy 3.14 Day!

In celebration of all things Pi and Pie, let us take this moment to reflect on pie in all of it's greatness. Pie can be sweet or savory. Pie can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pie can be a casual bite on the go, a simple weeknight meal or the final course at your...

Best Blueberry Scones

When school starts up at my daughter's elementary school, the PTA at organizes a teachers breakfast for the first day of teacher training. Because our school starts in August, this breakfast takes place near the end of July when blueberries are at their peak. For the...

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