Thanksgiving 2018 Pies

Orders are at capacity for pre-Thanksgiving pickup.

What does that mean for your Thanksgiving Pie? Don’t despair. We have three options for you:

1. If you still want to purchase Thanksgiving Pie from us, we recommend that you come in the shop during regular hours this week and freeze your pie at home. We will provide freezing, thawing & reheating instructions so that your pie will be delicious on Thanksgiving. We have a limited number of pies for sale, so feel free to call 571-431-7727 to see what we have.

2. There will be a limited number of pies for sale on Wednesday, November 21 starting at 4pm (limit 2 pies per customer). In past years, the line for this same-day sale starts early and can be quite long. It’s possible that we won’t have enough pie for everyone who comes. If you choose this option, please plan accordingly.

3. Lastly, consider patronizing one of the other local independently-owned Thanksgiving pie makers. A few are still taking orders (as far as we know) Oby-Lee, Dangerously Delicious PiesMechelle’s Baking Company






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Phone: 571-431-7727

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