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It's All About the Crust!

Great pie begins with a great crust…
buttery, flaky and fresh.

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Finest Produce & Eggs

Local Suppliers

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Supporting Our Community

Environment Friendly

Our pies are 100% recyclable/reusable. Eat the pie, recycle the box, and reuse or recycle the tin. The more pie you eat, the better it is for the environment!

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Fresh Is Better

We bake and deliver within hours.

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Thanksgiving Orders are Closed

If you have already ordered your pie(s), your freshly baked pie will be available for pickup from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington (4444 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, VA 22204) on Wednesday, November 26 between 2 and 6 PM.

If there are extra pies on November 26, we will post that information to Facebook on the afternoon of that day.

 For the all the latest on where and when to get your freshly baked handmade pie, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or to sign up for our E-mail Notices (no spam, we promise).

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The coconut cream pie was not only the best pie I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, but it was one of the absolute best things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life! This isn’t pie, it’s Nirvana! – YELP

—Jane Z.

What is better than your own homemade pie? Livin’ The Pie Life pie, that’s what!  This brings pie to a whole new level. - YELP

—Joanie L.

The pies were amazing!! Everyone in our house was raving…we savored each delicious bit. – YELP

—Wendy J.

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