Making Life Delicious

Never Buy Bailey’s Irish Cream Again

Bailey’s Irish Cream is like a ready made alcoholic milkshake and I really love it at this time of year. It is perfect in your coffee, hot cocoa or just over ice. This creamy concoction is a drink and a dessert all wrapped up into one. Still, as much as I love Bailey’s, I don’t […]

Super Sexy Superbowl Chex Mix

I like to use national touchstone events, holidays and big parties in general to bring out my most outrageous treats. These are the sorts of things that I just can’t justify making any old day. Since the Superbowl is the biggest snacking-themed event on the calendar, I thought I would use this over-the-top snack. OK, […]

Southwest Quinoa Salad

Now that the forecast calls for mid-80s and it feels like unofficial Summer has arrived, I feel like I can finally make something with tomatoes. This easy, delicious and healthy Summer salad will make you feel positively pious and absolutely ready for Summer. To me, quinoa is practically the perfect food. I love the texture, […]

Cookie & Candy Pizza for Ellie’s Birthday

This cookie pizza was dreamed up by my 8-year old daughter. The last few years we have done something brand new for her cake. Last year it was the M&M Cake, the year before we fashioned a Little Mermaid Cake. This year, however, Ellie and I really stretched our creativity to make something we had […]

Jelly Bean Bark

Looking for something super easy and delicious to make for your child’s Easter basket? Looking for an excuse to eat jelly beans and chocolate at the same time? Mmmmm. Jelly beans and chocolate. Adult reactions to this candy varied from “GET IN MY BELLY!” to “Gross”. However, the children are in total agreement. Thumbs up […]

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Years ago, it was The Pioneer Woman who inspired me to start Making Life Delicious. I loved her photos and recipes, but most of all, I loved the easy way that she cooked. A dash of this, a pinch of that, a package of something else, these were often her measurements. I like this because […]

Tradition, Birthdays & the First Day of Spring

The first time you do something that will later become a tradition, you rarely know it. Not until it you yearn for that thing the following year, the year after that, and so on, that you realize that it has become essential. This is the third year in a row that my youngest daughter has […]

Happy 3.14 Day!

In celebration of all things Pi and Pie, let us take this moment to reflect on pie in all of it’s greatness. Pie can be sweet or savory. Pie can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pie can be a casual bite on the go, a simple weeknight meal or the final course at your wedding. […]

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