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Welcome to Livin’ the Pie Life. We are a scratch bakery and our talented bakers make our delicious baked goods fresh in the morning. Because we make & bake in the morning, by day’s end, we tend to sell out of a number of items. We update the menu during the day, when possible, but there is a bit of a lag. Therefore, if only one pie will do, please order three days in advance.


Wed to Sat – 10am to 5pm

Sunday – 10am to 2pm



Pre-orders are closed for pickup through the weekend. You can order today for Wednesday [October 20], but the full menu isn’t totally online yet. More items will be added late this afternoon. To get pie today, please come on by the shop to choose from our daily selection. Need pie for a large event or far in the future, please reach out through our Contact Page.

What if I want pie another day?

Pre-orders are open at least three days in advance However, you can also just come by the shop during regular business hours to purchase from the variety of sweet and savory pies available. Selection is wider earlier in the day, but we generally have freshly-baked items available all day. Thank you!’

Thanksgiving 2021

Pre-orders for the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving 2021 will be open from October 29 to November 15. Certain varieties of pies and pickup dates/times will close as we reach capacity. More information regarding the menu will be posted here when it becomes available.



We have angle parking on the alley side of the shop and free parking is also available on 21st Road. Please DO NOT PARK across Glebe in the big parking lot shared by Thirsty Bernie’s & Walgreens. The owner of that lot is notorious for predatory booting and towing practices and we hate to see that happen to our fabulous customers.



Our customer space is tight, please continue to wear a mask inside.

Only 3 people at a time.


Updated 11:30am

MENU – Sunday, October 17

Pies & treats for sale from 10 AM to 2 PM


Aussie Quiche – Butternut Squash, Spinach, Goat Cheese & Toasted Pine Nuts (veg) 

Ham & Gruyere Quiche with Fresh Scallions



Smoked Salmon, Thyme, Cream Cheese and Caramelized Onion

Monterey Jack, Caramelized Onion with Thyme

Fig, Honey with Ginger Sold Out



Mac and Cheese [some with Bacon]


Southern Pumpkin Praline – Sports Illustrated Winner!

Brown Sugar Pumpkin (aka Traditional)

Triple Berry [Flaky & Crumb] – blueberry, raspberry & blackberry Sold Out

Mom’s Traditional Apple – local fruit

Apple Caramel Crumb – local fruit

Tart Cherry [Flaky & Crumb Top]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chess


Maple Cinnamon Rolls – local maple syrup

Frosted Pie Life Brownies

Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats [Gluten Free]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies



Before you call, consider one of the following ways to get answers:

 1. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page or

2. Contact Us through our Contact Page.

We will get back to you quickly during regular business hours 


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