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 2166 North Glebe, Arlington, Virginia



Email us through the contact page with your Gift Card Reference Number and we will respond to “swap out” your gift card with a PROMO CODE you can use to discount your online order. 


Orders will reopen again on Thursday afternoon for our bake on Sunday, June 7.

Available items will be displayed at that time.

Thank you! 

We don’t have regular business hours at this time. However, about twice a week, we are offering a limited pre-order menu for pickup on a specific date. We remain grateful and humbled by the pie fans and the support of our local community. Getting back to regular hours is on our agenda, but we are watching the situation to find the time that’s right,


We realize that some of you are frustrated by the ordering system because the item you want may sell out quickly. Also, like with many online ordering systems, it is possible for more than one person to have the same item in their cart and it is the person who checks out first who gets it. We hear you, but we don’t have a different system at this time.




We would like to make more. However, keeping our staff and customers has been, and always will be, our first priority during this pandemic. To make our workplace safer, shifts are shorter and crews are much smaller (30% of what they used to be) to allow for social distancing in our kitchen. For the time being, we are able to supplement staff salaries to compensate for the lesser hours and are also providing support to staff who are not able to work at all. We tell you this, not to toot our own horn, but so that you understand the challenges we face. As we look forward to a future when we can do more, we continue to do what we can now. Day by Day. 


If you would like to support the shop during COVID-19?

Please consider: 1. Purchasing a Gift Certificate for Later.

2. Purchasing a Pie-of-the-Month Membership.




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