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Pre-orders are OPEN for Saturday (5/21) & Sunday (5/22). Please note that certain items are only available on Saturday OR Sunday. Thank you!

Visit our homepage to see the full menu by day, including info on when items sell out. We try to keep this updated.


PRO PIE TIP – Pies keep refrigerated for about 3 days or frozen for 2 months. We recommend reheating most pies before serving (not the “cold” pies like key lime and chocolate mousse). In addition, if you plan to serve your pie later than three days, we recommend freezing, then defrosting & reheating. Please see our FAQ page for instructions on how to store and reheat your pies. Or WATCH OUR VIDEO on how to freeze, store, defrost and reheat.



Our menu is seasonal. To see our offerings at other times, visit our FULL CATALOG of PIES.

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